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Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Routine Paw Checks

It's essential to check your pup's paws weekly for any bumps, cuts, or debris. Gently feel their pads and carefully check between their toes. If you find anything abnormal, consult with your vet.

Keep the Paws Groomed

Make sure to trim your pup's nails as their nails shouldn't be touching the ground. Also, the hair on their paws should be the same length as their pads, so make sure to keep their hair trimmed.

Clean and Moisturized

Wipe their paws down with a damp towel and moisturize their paws with a dog balm. Moisturizing will improve softer pads and make them less inclined to cracking or injuries. Massaging will help improve circulation to the paws as well. For example, try rubbing gently between pads in a circular motion.

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